Winter Haircare Tips

Winter Haircare TipsAs the United States is deep in the clutches of winter many are looking to protect their hair against the effects of the cold air. Just like in the summer when you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, your hair needs to be protected from the winter’s harmful effects. During the colder months hair tends to look dull, frizzy and limp because of the change in temperature. hair salons  in Pembroke Pines fl can help we will help you protect your hair and keep it looking healthy throughout the frigid winter months. A visit to us can help protect your hair against the harsh winter cold.

Winter is harsh on hair for many reasons, dry air, heat and cool temperatures. One problem people complain most about during the winter months is static cling. When you spend time outdoors, then enter an indoor environment static cling becomes worse. Static cling is cause by the dry air of the winter months. There are many ways to combat the static cling, the first being use a deep conditioner at least once a week. A good conditioner, usually a leave in treatment will help trap moisture in your hair making it look less dull and eliminating static cling. The moisture that is in the conditioner will stay with hair all week fighting against the dry elements the come with winter. Another way to improve hair during the cold months is to trim it often. Going to the salon between every three and four weeks will keep your hair looking healthy and full.

A trip to the salon eliminates dead ends and revives hair from the roots to the tips. Washing your hair minimally is another effective way to keep hair moisturized. Shampoo can be harsh on hair especially in the dead of winter, cleaning hair every other day will keep it looking full and healthy. One element that is most dangerous to hair in the winter is indoor heat. Heat strips hair of moisture, especially when entering from the cold dry air outdoors. Purchasing a dehumidifier is the best way to fight the indoor heating. The dryness of the heat strips the hair of moisture making it look dull; by putting moisture back in the air with a dehumidifier hair will begin to look healthy again.

In the winter, hair takes a beating; the dry air makes hair look unhealthy and creates static cling. There are many remedies for winter hair to breathe life back into it. By trimming hair regularly hair will look more healthy from the root to the tip. Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment once a week to revive hair. When hair is abundantly moisturized it will look thick, full and shiny. Keeping washing to a minimum will also save hair from getting dried out. Lastly investing in a dehumidifier will help lock moisture in when the heat kicks on in your house.


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